Trump Fascist Dictator Behavior: Bullying the World Won’t Work
S. Novi

If you believe all the things that you wrote I think you have a poor understanding of the situation. If this is a deliberate distorted propaganda piece it is pretty good.

Where I think you go most wrong is with the declaration of us being on the verge of a fascist dictatorship. Trump will face a real election in less than three years with a true and credible opposition. That is not something that a fascist dictatorship would allow. Even if he wins that election which seems unlikely (he might not even win the nomination) he can only serve but a single additional term unless you think they are going to change the constitution.

While the Republicans do control all the branches of the Government they have not been able to push through much in the way of changes and only then when the rules allow for a simple majority to pass the Senate.

Hey, the guy is an unqualified jerk and I wish he was not president but he is no fascist dictator.


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