If I write a check to you it will have my name at the top, but the check will be drawn on the…
Keith Evans

Is in this case what you believe the result of you not reseaching the issue.

“I don’t believe that there is a lot of surplus demand in healthcare that will drive prices upward.”

There is already a lot of upward pressure on heath care costs. Increased demand will not lower costs. Already a lack of providers is making access to health care difficult for many people. We are already providing incentives to create more doctors both home grown and imported. England has been raiding foreign countries for years stealing nurses to staff their now over subscribe national health care system. We as much as begged one of my wife’s doctors not to retire because nobody in the area was accepting new patients.

You say “The demand is for preventative and early treatment, which is well known to drive overall costs downward.”

Already most people have insurance so preventive care covered and encouraged for most people. How much more preventive care do you expect. The poorest people get free treatment and the smartest and richest can get whatever treatment they want. The working and lower middle class do fuss over medical bills but early and preventive treatment is not expensive so even if they don’t have insurance how come they are not getting care? Might it be that finding the right doctor, making time to see them with might include a road trip not just a ride across town. I have had health insurance my whole adult life, for most of 30 years I did not have a doctor or get routine checkups. I was treated for a few things along the way but nothing a routine checkup would have detected. Until the past few years, even though I had medical insurance all my medical expenses were 100% out of pocket and that would have included routine checkups if I had chosen to get them. Why you ask, because the deductible applied to everything.

I think a little research will show that most of the people who don’t have medical insurance don’t need medical insurance. Their risk is low so they accept the risk. We want them to buy insurance because we need their money to prop up the system. We need them to pay now for the care they will receive when they are older. My mother paid hundreds of dollars a month for decades for long term care insurance, she died at home without collecting a single penny from that insurance. She had a choice and could have not had the coverage. The idea of mandatory insurance is becoming more common. We already have mandatory auto insurance, guess what we also have a thing called uninsured motorist insurance. My car was totaled when an uninsured driver with a suspended license ran a red-light. I guess when you got nothing then you got nothing to lose.


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