It’s the wine again but I have to spit this out.

Sadly typical but I love them.

So the Earth was not formed until numerous galactic star creation epochs had come and gone. See the heavy elements in the composition of the Earth could not be formed without many Supernovae, innumerable solar systems had to be created and destroyed before the Earth could even be formed.

Then when given the nature of statistics Earth could be an unlikely event of natural random phenomena but much more likely that Life existed in the universe billions of years before the Earth was even formed and Earth was the result of Cosmic Intervention. God or God’s of some sort were probably involved. Or we are just a freak of nature.

I guess if we don’t find out, it doesn’t matter but what if I am right? Is it better to believe in God and be wrong or to not believe in God and be wrong. So there are four choices, believe in God and there is a God, believe in God and their is no God. Don’t believe in God but their is no God and lastly don’t believe in God but there is a God.

This one is awesome, Believe in God and their is a God.

These two are ho hum, believe in God and their is no God. Don’t believe in God but their is no God. Without a God belief or disbelief don’t matter much.

Lastly not believing in God when their is a God could be painful depending on the Temperament of the God but it can’t be a good thing.

I believe in God and I hope he is guiding my life!!!!!!!


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