Preparing for the Winter of Despair
Mary Lorax

Legally, housing should be considered a right. Care to elaborate on this? What housing, provided by who? I know the commons but how does the commons get housing to provide to everyone as they rightfully deserve? You said occupy vacant property owned by banks. Vacant property owned by banks are probably more a liability than a asset so if you consider such buildings housing maybe you can have at them. I am guessing that you consider water, sewer and electricity rights too. Tell that to a rural home owner who dug a well and put in a septic tank. Think the commons should have done that for him? Cool, I got some land out in almost nowhere, I will be waiting for my commons supplied solar panels, battery storage, well and septic tank.

None of this is more ludicrous than your story.

More seriously, the state should provide safe and practical shelter for the homeless. I understand that some people can’t handle managing their own power, water, cooking and cleaning, paying bills and while socialization is also a challenge private accommodations are a bit much to expect. Denial of private accommodations is actually in the served’s best interest, too much privacy will lead to undetected disorder that could even be fatal.

This coming winter of discontent might be as bad as you imagine and so some radical change might be in the offing. Would it pain you terribly if we continued on the slow march to marginal improvements to the status quo?


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