How Can We Save The World From The Fire?
Valerie Taylor

Lets be clear about a couple things. Human nature, people will respond to the range of incentives that they perceive. The time scale for the appearance of urgency in the global warming crisis is decades in the future.

Even those who are woke don’t feel enough urgency to overcome the incentives to kick the can down the road. Hardly anyone will sacrifice until the majority will sacrifice. It will have to get a lot worse before the majority will sacrifice.

My take is we should be preparing for serious sea level rise and environmental degradation because we will not act soon enough to prevent it. We will react but only when the consequences are at our door.

This “In a few years, AI might actually start to believe” it will be decades before AI’s will believe anything, probably more than a century if ever. The algorithms will believe whatever we train them to believe. We have already trained racist algorithms. Garbage in garbage out until we actually create intelligence.

Long before we become extinct from Global Climate Change we would probably trigger a nuclear winter

Not saying this is a rational choice but sadly the incentives would probably support some deliberate climate modifications on the scale of the effect of hundreds of nuclear explosions.