How to Prepare for the AI Apocalypse
Matthew Biggins

Matt, your final paragraph is a bit off. I seems an appeal to activism on the part of the general community. You ask us to “ask our representatives to properly regulate AI development.” I ask you to ask the industry to properly self regulate so the government does not need to get involved.

The government will not be listening to the people anyway, it will react to deep pockets and the loudest media.

The list of causes that appeal to us for our activism is hundreds of items long. AI is not going to make it even into the top half of the list of the general populations concerns. It is not near the top of my list. I like being informed but “the choice is up to you whether you will take the responsibility that comes along with that power” is wrong, knowledge does not create that kind of responsibility. It is like Blacks saying I have to do something to fight racism and the feminists saying I have to do something about pay inequity and right to life advocates saying I need to do something to stop abortions. All those groups also try to tell me not just that I should do something but they want me to do specific things oh the want me to join their public protests.

I think you should stop trying to tell the general population what you think they need to do. If you had left off the last paragraph the story would have been great but now it is just an Infomercial.

I imagine you think you are just trying to raise awareness but you have gone beyond that into badgering.


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