The Rich Always Come Up With a Ridiculous Story to Justify Their Wealth
Nick Cassella

Meritocracy, if we all got what we deserved would we have more or less?

If you are aware of any culture that is more Meritocratic than the “Western Democracies and their Allies? It is unavoidable that a portion of the population is not going to be able to adequately provide for their needs and will need much help to live above the poverty line. On the other end of the Bell Curve are people who would thrive in any culture and that is not a complement. Gunners, can’t stand them, Type A with no conscience.

The one thing that the “Free Market” Oligarchs can do is decide where to spend the worlds Capital. They dictate the National Budgets, the NGO’s budgets, the Budgets of Corporations and they have their own money as well. They can be blackmailed, they will see reason. They will keep the masses adequately pacified. They have a plethora of tools but loath to spend more than they have too. Man, you want to Hate Trump??? OK, but he is just a sop to the masses that form the Trump Coalition. Shuffle the chairs and bring in some familiar faces from away. Some squeaky wheels get greased and the fatted cows of the previous administration get slaughtered. The media changes the target of its outrage.

You have capital you make the rules and pull the strings. If there were to be a revolution exactly who in the new world order should pull the strings? Guess what it will be the people who can gather enough capital to Rule. Redistribution, trickle down revolution, take from the rich and give it to the new rich but skim a little and shower it on the poor.

You want to know what makes a bigger difference than your race, gender and sexual orientation or even your education? Your zip code or the world wide equivalent. Where you are born, raised, live and work, it the best indication of your status or achievement or style.


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