Trump & the Press: A Murder-Suicide Pact
Jeff Jarvis

Never trusted the media, never trust the media, be skeptical of everything. I became an adult soon after Watergate. Not really big on trust. A mentor told me don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. That does not mean you don’t look or listen it means you listen and watch and evaluate and act with careful skepticism.

If there is a Liberal Media and a Conservative Media then they are lying to you to support their editorial stance. The Left and the Right don’t care about the truth, they only care about stories (even fiction) that support their agenda. I have spent enough time in echo chambers trying to tamp down the reverb to understand it is a waste of effort.

All info has to be filtered as rarely is it free of taint and it is never pure.

What is more important, that which will be good for me or that which is right? What if that which is right will cause harm to many? What is most important, principles or outcomes? Does the end justify the means? What if you had to lie to save the planet? Age old question, same answers, of course the end does not justify the means but we will go ahead the work for outcomes over principles anyway.


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