So you start off by saying you wanted to get a balanced, broad view of the wide range of people who…
Martin Shirley

No, I don’t think “Half the people who elected Trump think he’s a joke but were horrified at the notion of a left-wing controlled superior court dismantling the constitution and further digging the country into an even bigger Keynesian black hole of debt and institutionalized government dependency.” but I supported the Republicans so that the balance on the Supreme Court would be reestablished similar to the court with Scalia. Hillary would not have done that. Anyway, my vote for President in the general election did not matter my state is bright red. I voted for Cruz in the Primary because Paul had dropped out otherwise I would have voted for Paul.

I would have been more likely to vote for Sanders than Clinton but again, in the general election my vote is meaning less due to the electoral college.

The parties select the candidates, the voters have very little say in who becomes president but this past election the voters overruled the Republican party and we got Trumped. Something is definitely wrong with the voters. Half the population has a below average IQ and Education, hey and the average is not that high.

You have to be a masochist and an egotist to run for National Office, not really the kind of people we want running the country. Nobody who wants those jobs should ever get them. We would be better off if congresspersons were selected by a random lottery.