This Entitled, Unhappy New York Millennial Knows She’s a Cliché
Justine McNamara

“No one should be in a situation that makes them unhappy, or a job or a career they detest, or made to feel they don’t deserve to do something they enjoy.” From whence does that come. Really, into each “life some rain must fall.” None of that precludes the pursuit of happiness, you don’t deserve to do something you enjoy. That is an entitlement attitude, you do something you enjoy when you can make it happen or serendipity drops it in your lap. You work hard or are lucky or both. You could work hard and be unlucky but working hard improves your chances. If you are happy all the time something is wrong in your head or how can you tell you are happy if you feel the same way all the time. Unhappy is what makes happy a joy. Unhappy is what causes us to change things for the better. Really how unhappy are you, you are where you want to be but doing something that you don’t like that lets you be where you want to be. Should not be that hard to fix the part you don’t like or just change your attitude about it.

I agree with no one should be in a career they detest, a detestable job maybe but not a career, that can lead to suicidal thoughts. Detest —dislike intensely- A career is an individual’s journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. Detestable careers are for masochists.


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