On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself
Keri Smith

Not, “is the way to change the world,” but “is the way to change your world.” Sort of like “Think Global act Local.” I have been the devil’s advocate in every thought bubble I ever frequented. Using tact and subtlety you can establish a credible persona that others in the though bubble cannot effectively rebut with hominin attacks. Don’t count on a bunch of people changing but at least they listen to your message.

We aren’t MLK or Mother Teresa, Gandhi or Nelson Mandela but we and change our world the local one. If we all made Home better the World can’t help but to be a better place.

I don’t know, maybe I am out of touch. Maybe some here aspire to the order of Gandhi, I fear they be Stalin. As much as I would like to throw over on the Elites, I don’t know how to replace them with something better. No one has shown me better yet. I know what the problems are and to me the only hope is to break it down into small enough chunks that we can improve them a little bit at a time.

Those that advocate violence to advancement of Social Justice can only achieve a swap of one oppressive power structure in favor of another oppressive power structure. You can make them submit but you can’t make them like it. You could try a different no violent path. Its slow but the victories are real not illusory. We have not social patience. In Thermodynamics, if you move something at an infinitely low rate then it takes infinitesimal amount (no) work to move it.


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