What America (Really) Failed At
umair haque


“So I thought and I thought. What could I give her? It was all I could do, and it wasn’t enough. I went back to the cafe, and I wrote this.”

You could have given her your number or e-mail address

“But she can’t get a job now because she can’t get a birth certificate because she doesn’t have a driver’s license because her abusive boyfriend kept all her papers to spite her. She needs to track it all down, which is to say the least difficult with no fixed address.”

You could get one of your American Friends to let her use their address until she can get one of her own.

Unless their is something about her story you have not told us that makes her a “hard case” the charities around here would have her a good path quite quickly.

Anecdotes indicate that panhandlers on our street corners in Slidell LA. make more than minimum wage and of course they don’t have withholding or income taxes.

These opportunist might not be achieving their potential but it is often a path they have deliberately chosen or is the result of other choices they have made.

Any you blame it on our society — well in a way you are right, how did we incentivize them on this path.


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