I am aware.
Alyssa Yeager

Thank you for making the effort to respond to my comments.

The first paragraph of your response seems deliberately evasive, you use the expressions, specific audience and particular audience. Why just not say who is your target audience?

Me, I like to break into some people’s closed information bubbles and show them some truths they don’t normally hear. I try not to hit any particular writer here on Medium too many times. I try not to be too much of a pest.

Your piece comes off as virtue-signaling as much as it does as advice. I am sure that was not intentional and you really do believe you are showing your specific audience a better way but I even think that some of them think you are being a bit “holier than thou.”

I see that you understand that the whole truth can be detrimental to the progressive cause. You ask “What is truth? I think the way I’m intending to mean the idea of telling the truth is in reporting with verifiable facts and being very clear when something is opinion writing vs. reporting, and also taking the time to examine gray areas.” You don’t even claim to try and be fair and balanced. You suggest using verifiable facts (maybe only the ones that support your argument) and examine the gray areas. It seems clear you are coaching for being more persuasive but not really trying to get at the Truth.

Oh, wait, I am getting it now, while you are a progressive you are writing as self-help author, helping people with their communications and in particular, selling, maybe? You want to be a creative director, director for what marketing? Jesus, advertising is the most evil kind of propaganda.


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