In my “poetic” work, ambiguity and double meaning are the point of many word choices.

Thanks. I was not asking for you to explain, I agree the multiple meanings and interpretations are good and was intending a complement. Your writing might be clearer than mine even with your stories potential for multiple interpretations.

At the risk of seeming argumentative (but that does not have to be negative), I wish to discuss further, “good reputation,” I was trying to convey that in this case “good” (I knew that was what you intended)can be subjective, clarity requires a more definitive adjective. To allow multiple meanings, good works well. It might not be good for a model’s reputation if she is perceived as not being willing to model nude. I could be scandalous for a Duchess to be known to pose nude. The right amount of scandal is good for one’s reputation.

Art can be both dehumanizing and very human. In studying form and esthetics the humanity of the subject might be disregarded but in a portrait the individual is paramount flaws and humanness are character.

In the work of art you selected, motive would be the differentiation. Motives of both the subject and the artist. Is the artist painting to highlight his skill and reputation or is he painting out of love for the subject and the art form? The model, is she posing for compensation or out of love for her self or the artist? Oh, some many lovely questions, that is why your mixture of words and picture is so wonderful.


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