“I’ve Got A Little List”
Yonatan Zunger

That your message is so popular and receives positive comments is informative. My perception is that you have an agenda and a bias.

I don’t support the Trump Administration but I don’t disagree with all its policies. Yes, having Bannon in the White House is disturbing, yes, having Pence just a heart beat away from the Presidency is uncomfortable.

Having ICE and DHS doing their job is refreshing. Keeping out Green Card holders and accosting U.S. residents at the border is not right and not their job.

Bush and Obama are the ones who militarized the local police, expecting Trump to undo that is just silly but Trump is likely as anyone to rein in Autocratic Federal Government, that is not to say that it is likely, one can still hope, like he might take away the EPA’s guns.

Regarding Bathroom bills, I know that they are deliberate discrimination on the part of Evangelicals but I kind of like the specificity of them, it makes it clear who should use which bathrooms. It is not like they are labeled so that people can pick the one the prefer, I am a straight male and given a choice I would pick the lady’s room as I am told it has better amenities. If you were to pick a verifiable (enforceable) criteria for who should use which bathroom what would you suggest?


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