Republicans are skeptical of higher education because it leads to more liberal-focused policies
Macleod Sawyer

The following statement of yours “clear link between education and the more liberal ideologies due to an increase in formalized, fact-based, and societal lessons that the average student receives versus those who did not attend or finish a college education.” States as fact a conclusion you draw but do not support with evidence. Learning Physics or Chemistry or Calculus or Computer Science is not what leads to more liberal ideologies. You did not show that the formalized, fact-based education that leads to liberal ideologies. I would contend that it is the “societal lessons” taught to students in liberal arts and humanities classes and preached at College Cultural Organizations that lead to more liberal ideologies. Yes, the Conservatives are afraid (you called it scared) concerned that Progressive Brainwashing is a feature of most College Educations.

Even 35 years ago when I went to college there was no political message in my science, math and engineering classes but my humanities classes were full of liberal progressive political messaging. All the student body groups including the frats and sororities pushed progressive political messages except the Sports and ROTC.