It is mind boggling how people point to claims of Russians agents on Twitter and Facebook as…
Andre De Angelis

The message was not subliminal and I don’t think it actually made hard switches from Hillary to Trump. More like pushed the undecided to either not vote for Hillary or to vote for Trump. The messages were targeted.

As far as how Trump could have helped if his campaign colluded with the Russians not really sure except for exchanging ideas on messaging and groups to target.

The Russians were meddling and other foreign groups meddle. How much difference does the meddling make, I don’t know. The internet makes it more effective. I am not sure all the foreign meddling was in support of Trump.

Didn’t Trudeau come out against Trump. Same deal with Mexico’s president.

I bet if you looked there were Canadians and Mexicans on Twitter attacking Trump. Yes, the Russian Tweets were bots and trolls probably paid for with Russian government funds. I bet some of the Canadians and Mexicans were trolls but probably not paid trolls.

Yeah, the whole collusion thing is an overblow nothing burger.


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