My Very Un-Instagrammable 9 Months on an Organic Farm
Katie Hyson

The story that would prove “How the true cost of the way we grow conventional food, when you include the effects on the environment and health, is actually far greater than the cost of organic.” would be more valuable than this story. I did give you a recommend, it was a fun story but can’t really take you seriously. To write this story better, you should have spent 9 months on a conventional farm. Not all pesticides cause cancer and often farms don’t follow manufacturers and industry requirements or use PPE. Practically, sometimes farms can’t do the right thing and when they can’t they just go and do it wrong instead of taking the hit for not using the product.

This is just so old and lame “I am saying we have to do something. For ourselves, for our children,” We don’t have to do anything but we should try and do better, continuous improvement. Why is everything always a crisis with journalist and often a crisis for our “children,” alarmist crap.

Born again Organic Farm Journalist = tunnel vision.

Funny story bad journalism.


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