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The system will as you say collapse. Well, collapse is not nearly definitive enough to be meaningful. Was the great depression a collapse, was WWII a collapse, was the great recession a collapse. Will this collapse be worse.

I think you are suggesting that it will be an human extinction event. In that case it will not be my children who don’t live long, they are already adults. Maybe my grandchildren will die in this collapse but more likely it will be my great grandchildren. I will not be able to change the path we are on, maybe my children and grandchildren can change what must be changed. If I was asked I would suggest that they prepare for the coming change and move to a remote area and learn to live an agrarian lifestyle like the Amish. Find a robust place less affected by Climate Change or one even improved by Climate Change and learn to be self-sufficient.

I will continue to support mitigations to minimize the impacts of the coming collapse. I just don’t see anyway sufficient actions occurring to avoid it. Look around, open your eyes. If people wake up to the problem it will only be too late and the mitigations that “the Powers that Be” impose will feel like collapse anyway.

I have been preaching mitigation and preparation for years. Something is coming and it will be hard. It will be hardest on the Middle Class. The rich will be able to adapt, buy themselves protections and sustenance. The poor have so little to lose that their pain will seem only somewhat greater but the Middle Class will lose about everything and will join the poor in a daily struggle for food and shelter. Talk of haves and have nots today will pale in the stark comparisons of the post collapse future.

My Paternal Grandparents survived the Great Depression with nary a hardship. Deep in the Maine woods they depended on the outside world for only novelties and luxuries of which they had or wanted few. My Maternal Grandparents suffered greatly from the Great Depression in suburban Boston, the stress killed my Grandfather while my Mother was still a child. My Mothers values were shaped by Depression. She became very frugal and had a great distrust of financial institutions and debt.

I think of the coming Collapse as a new Dark Age. I can hope that it will be followed by a new Renaissance but I know I probably won’t even be around to witness the Collapse.


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