From a Woman in VC to Men Everywhere: 5 Things You Can Do Now to Avoid Being That Guy
Stephanie Manning

The things you suggest require effort and even if you do them it does not assure that some crap will not escape notice and become a controversy. Can you provide evidence that the diversity is worth the effort to keep it clean.

If I had to send a team to an off-site for an install, why would I risk sending a mixed gender team?

Sadly our teams are humans and not saints.

I know and understand the benefits of diversity but don’t kid yourself, it does have its drawbacks. It is hard enough to police the C Suite, you think you can handle leading an away team? I am not against sending an all women team but a mixed gender team away from home for maybe 90 days, it is hard enough keeping unisex teams out of trouble. I think an all women team might do better than an all men team but we don’t have the staff for that and it is harder to find women who are OK with being away for 3 months.

I gave you a recommend because your ideas are very good but the practical realities of some job situations are just beyond the scope of your advice.

Don’t take this wrong because this is a question not an accusation but how long has it been since you worked a job where you got your hands dirty?


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