Fair Market Values
John Blythe

“there should be such a thing as integrity and dignity in our political figures” the loss is just us giving up our innocence, our politicians gave up their integrity and dignity a long time ago in a race for campaign contributions and backroom deals. Trump just blew away the fig leaf. Acknowledge that everything is for sale in the world of the “Art of the Deal”

I do not have any hope that we will be lead by politicians with Integrity or Dignity. I all makes much better sense after you understand that they are all a bunch of whores, it is hard to figure out who are the pimps but the clients are often in the public record. We at least before the days of unlimited private contributions.

I once would have said vote for a candidate based on his character and intelligence, now we just vote based on litmus test issues. The candidates are not trying to do what is right for the country they are in continuous fundraising mode and pandering to their base.