Women: You Are Heard
Justin Foster

These predators are not always cowards and some of them are boys and some of them are men, grown men. Some become predators after they ascend to the thrones of power. The corrupting influences of power is what lets them be serial abusers.

The boys we can easily confront and punish and often they are quite repentent. The corrupt pilliars of our community are a much greater challenge and have demonstrated they are unrepentant serial abusers.

I think that most guys who are acting surprised about all the “Me Too” are liars. I could fill pages with the abuse the women in my life have suffered. The abuse I have stopped. The abuse I witnessed, and the abused I have tried to help.

The first abuse I remember witnessing was in High School. Our male math teacher was often touching some of the female students in my class and I could see these girls cringe. I knew it was wrong but I did not understand how wrong. It never even occurred to me to report it or even tell my Mom.

I had a wife who had been abused. I had a stepdaughter who was abused maybe two. I had a ex girlfriend who called me because a party guest undressed and got in her bed and refused to leave. While we were on the phone he ripped the phone jack out of the wall. I subdued him while she fixed the phone and called the police.

I picked up a crying young woman late at night on the side of the road where she was after leaving a troublesome situation. I gave her a ride home and I don’t think it was a simple lovers quarrel.

I have had two bosses who I knew were having extramarital affairs with their subordinates. I think both were consensual but years later I was questioned about one of them and it turns out he was under investigation for sexual harassment.

How blind do you have to be to not see it is all around us.

Racism, Sexism, Sexual Abuse, Militarized Government and Police, Corruption, Abuse of Power. It has been that way for millenniums, it is not as bad as it was and it is not getting better fast enough but in the end you have to take care of yourself and help others where you can. Not one of us can fix it and those that don’t want to fix it outnumber those that do and those with power are more allied with those defending the status quo.

The sudden outrage makes me want to cry. Why you might ask, because it is probably just a passing fad and soon the chattering class will move on to the next popular outrage. Harvey Weinstein isn’t that different that thousands of rich abusive elites, nothing special. Compared to Pedophile Priests he is a choirboy.


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