Our Pathetic Ruling Class is Afraid to Put the Snowflake Generation in its Place
Austin Frank

This at best can only be half right, “No. It was their parents who did all this.” I am two for four. I have had two stepdaughters who were entitled snowflakes and would have temper tantrums if I expected them to earn their luxuries. I don’t really mean earn either, just acknowledge that some things go beyond necessities and if you want them you should do something do deserve them.

I had success with some stepchildren impressing them with my values but others got their values some place else. It was not from a lack of trying.

Some sort of vanity and wealth signaling culture. I think you need to not put all the blame on the Parents. I don’t know if it is schools or social media or TV because some of this happened before social media. Yes, Parents can be at fault as I have seen it but sometimes Parents can do much to fight it but that could be because other parents or grandparents has poisoned the well.

Sadly it means that there are a bunch of people out their with a completely dysfunction value system.


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