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This is a small part of why illegal immigration is so corrosive. It would be unconscionable to deny a child an education for any reason short of the child being totally unruly. It is not right to punish the child for the sins of their fathers. Illegal immigration is wrong, it is evil. I understand that some are so desperate as to be criminal or at least sinful. But to put yourself at the head of the line for our charity, seriously wrong. Their is a legal path and it is narrow because so many come without permission. We should get to choose who come in and who doesn’t. It is not the petitioner that has the right to decide. Illegal immigration is stealing. Oh and some of the desperate illegals are not that poor or oppressed they are just greedy for a better life. The rules don’t matter to anyone anymore they just gauge the effectiveness of the enforcement, lax enforcement is treated like permission.

What makes people think that getting here makes them entitled to stay?


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