Trusting Politicians

Trump just posted some pretty pity full poll numbers but I don’t know many who deserve number as high as his, not that I think he deserves numbers even that good.

One story indicated some countries polling indicated that 22 percent believe that Trump will act in globe’s best interest. What the hell, who would think he would or that any politician even understands what is in the globe’s best interest. There should be or maybe is some penitent ancient phase of ….person, family, country, world. Who would think that Trump’s and the World’s best interest might align, it would only be by chance.

We must count on those with power to care more about the rest of us than they care about their own circle. That is just illogical, few with power can be that way. You really can’t come to power if you do not prioritize seeking that power. Politician, anyone seeking that position is automatically disqualified. We need to draft persons to represent us, a random lottery would be better elections.


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