How American Collapse is Like Climate Change
umair haque

Vision, imaginary or real. I can imagine a better future but understand the obstacles the stand between us and that future and they are legion. Human frailty, we have not the strength of character to walk the talk. Really, reality is not that bleak on a historical scale. We will lose costal real-estate with a commensurate number of lives lost and economic disruption. Disruption is not evil and is often the saving innovation.

The future is going to be different than the present and analogous to some past. Which past, guess.

I imagine a future where we are less one world than we are now and where we are more like tribes and some of those tribes will be off the planet. Elon is plotting a path that way willingly or unwillingly, or wittingly or unwittingly.

Who knows, not me. We have way too many people who think they know things but are really just full of it.

I know that the butterfly effect will not make mine or your words here make the future. It seems your heart is in the right place. More people listen to you than do me so you will be more responsible than I for the future////that is a joke, we all share that responsibility equally.


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