I think I am becoming accustomed to the sight of guns.
Alice Ross

We can go back to the way it was before. It will be worth it even of the Terrorist kill a few more. I would rather be free of the oppressive military state police and accept the higher risks of being a victim of a terrorist.

My first reaction to your title and the first couple paragraphs was that you were an idiot. I let my empathy flow to reach your meaning and not my perception of your words.

Gun’s are attacked and misunderstood so much today that I thought you thought the guns were the problem. I have be accustomed to men with guns for as long as I remember it was Uniforms that disturbed me. Priest, Cops, Doctors. Guns, my Dad, Uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors etc. were all men with guns. I was a Man with a Gun, still am a Man with many guns. Uniforms still bother me. Someone who uses clothes that advertised their belief that they have authority over me. Sometimes I admit it goes beyond belief to a fact that they have authority over me. I would rather be left to protect myself than have someone selected by others assigned to protect me or protect others from me.

I trust the government less than I worry about terrorists. By which I me a don’t trust the government and I don’t worry about terrorists.


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