We need to treat Immigrants fairly

Trump’s immigration order was poorly done. I think it was deliberate incompetence. Mean to cause an uproar, excite his followers and appear to fulfil a campaign promise.

I oppose Immigration for purposes of residency but not because I am Xenophobic or Racist or fear Terrorist but because I do believe in America First and an America for Americans. I don’t believe that Nationalism is evil.

I do believe in Charity and think we should accept Refugees and Asylum Seekers but Refugees need to be housed in Camps and are expect to return to their home countries along with their children. Asylum Seekers need to be evaluated carefully and we should only accept those persecuted by their government not people fleeing because of lawlessness or lack of economic or educational opportunity.

I believe in work visa’s for both those skilled and unskilled where they will be an asset to our economy. I believe in rigorous enforcement and visa holders need to be tracked and their compliance with the terms of their visas enforced. I believe that the cost of tracking these visa holders should be born by the visa holder (or their sponsor) so the visa has a price, possibly a high price.

Illegal immigrants need to be deported and stronger measures to stop illegal immigration implemented. This include deporting childhood arrivals. To do otherwise creates a perverse incentive that will make exclusion and enforcement harder. We should consider changing our citizenship rules to require that to be a citizen your birth mother must be a citizen.

I claimed that I am not a Bigot or Xenophobic or a Racist. I can’t prove that but it is true to a significant degree but few people a completely free of prejudice.

It is charity to let someone come to the U.S.A. and there are limits to our charity. People don’t come here to make America Great, they come to make a better life for themselves. Coming here illegally is stealing and so is overstaying or violating the terms of your visa, deportation is too weak a punishment but I have not formulated what I think the appropriate punishment should be.

Notice I did not say we should stop Immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries or Mexico or Central America. I mean to stop them coming from anywhere, India, Germany, Italy, China, Japan……….

No this will not make America Great again. America did not stop being great. America will continue to be great. Great Britain is Great too. There are many great nations. China and Russia are great nations too. China will rack up some superlatives in the coming years, they will become the biggest economy on the planet. Sadly Russia can’t seen to take advantage of its opportunities. The three of us will be the unsophisticated brutes to Europe, Scandinavia, Britain, Korea, Taiwan and Japan’s more refined societies. There is something amiss in those more refined societies, I won’t call it rot but it is something not right. That is another subject for another day.


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