Tim, I’d be interested to see your sources regarding climate change altering desertification for…
Mary Lorax

Well, yes, the third world should stop cutting down their forests and burning them.

Syrian desertification is as much the result of improper land and water management as it is climate change. Same deal in Africa going back millenniums. Same deal in the U.S. but we have significantly better management techniques but we are still draining our aquifers at an alarming rate.

It is an oversimplification to say that dry areas will get dryer and wet areas will get wetter. We have seen the droughts in the West and Southeast broken by a change in the weather patterns.

About the only sure thing with the changing climate is that the sea level will rise, temperatures will get warmer and the atmosphere will have greater CO2 and water vapor. The greater water vapor and temperature will probably lead to more severe weather but those effects will be more localized not global.

I will see if I can find some scholarly references to share with you.


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