Confronting My Neurotypical Privilege
E Sailer Sklar

What is neurotypical and why is it a privilege? I don’t need the definition of the word, I need a diagnosis of the condition. I would not seem a privilege, since when is typical a privilege. I don’t feel typical, I have been told I am not normal but in a way that implies I am privileged.

I think I am empathetic but also resilient. I can feel others emotions and share the feelings but not have it carry me too far down.

I would think that neurotypical would include some level of neuroses. I would think that neurotypical being a privilege would be like having a 100 IQ would be a privilege. I guess it would seem so to someone with a disability but I would think privilege implies something better.

I have been through some trauma and drama that had those around me taking nerve pills and even spending time in inpatient treatment. I did one time get my heart checked for chest pain that was diagnosed as situational anxiety not angina.

Do I feel privilege, yes, but I don’t think I am neurotypical.

Am I conceited, maybe a little.

Anyway, I liked your story.


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