My Approach To Creating Trusted Institution
Doc Huston

What we need is an extra-governmental digital wildlife refuge. Something like the Clinton or Gates Foundation combined with Wikileaks but apolitical.

Maybe a sane Church of Scientology! I think it is more than a searchable data set, like you said dynamic, like live experts, vetted as trusted, willing to say I don’t know when they don’t but also capable of finding what is needed or at least the best available answer, presented with appropriate qualification. They need protected anonymity because they might be sharing protected info or secret data. If you are limited to public info you are hamstrung. It would be sort of a, lets not call it a dark web but maybe an alt.web. How do we trust a criminal? Can we trust them because they are responding to a higher calling? How do we police this alt.web? Will it be something like a moderated forum or Wikipedia? Will we vet the people who have access? Will we charge for membership? What if trusted people could have access to the worlds secrets? How can we be trusted if we are anonymous? Maybe it needs to use a psy profile test and competency exam? Maybe you have to post a bond, secret bond, bit coins or such.

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