Now I Know Why They Said I Lied
The Atlantic

While I admit “It’s dangerous because it is a further assault on objective truth,” the popular media has not delivered much objective truth in a long time. That the parties and their media affiliates are so clearly biased these days it makes it easier to tell when we are being mislead.

It is not only politicians and parties that present a one sided narrative to an already biased audience. Media outlets seem to choose an editorial slant that will attract a narrow target audience. They aren’t looking to inform everyone just entertain their target audience.

I was listening to some reporting on the mid-term elections and that reporting felt like cheerleading for Democrats not dispassionate reporting of the results. It was weak on statistics and long on political opinion. Even the local segment of the show failed to report comprehensively, we had 10 constitutional amendments on the ballot but they only reported on the first two and use the rest of the time for commentary. Never mentioning if the other 8 passed or failed.

I feel like the media does not want me to make up my own mind about what I will believe. They want me to accept their view of the world. Even the reporting feels like a sales pitch. I tune out advertisements because I don’t want to be marketed too. If the reporting becomes just another kind of marketing I change my listening habits.