White feminists, patriarchy, and solidarity: the dangling carrot
Heather Jo Flores

Why are they cowards? Because they don’t want to be a martyr.

Colonialism, this kind of works, I see it as a primal unenlightened pre-Renaissance world view. Might makes right and it does not matter what is right or wrong, what is important is what you can get away with.

Whatever you call it is evil, it is everywhere and it is strong.

We all heard him say it “You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” He said they will let you. No, they don’t let you, they don’t know how to stop you without the abuse escalating out of control and ruining their life.

I will say it again, it is evil, it is everywhere and it is strong.

It is up to us Privileged White Males to stop the White men and it is up to Black men to stop the Black men. Just like I have heard Intersectional Black women tell White women it is their job to educate their White friends.

These Rich Powerful Bastardly Evil Men run most everything in this country because that Dog will Hunt. It works if you have the Power, the Might and you wield it without reservation with no care for right or wrong just what you can get away with to power yourself to the top. Take no prisoners, show not mercy, strike fear everywhere you move and reward everyone who sucks up to you. You can get away with almost anything.

Even the Enlightened Renaissance Men did it to varying degrees. Half a conscience is better than none but it is still evil.

I will fight them as best I can but I am a coward too. I pick my battles, discretion is the better part of valor. I sometimes fantasize about martyrdom if I live to be very old. I would love to take one of the worst bastards with me when I go.


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