First, Do No Harm: Taming the Gods of the Anthropocene
Rachel Coldicutt

Wrong, “Exponentialism is limitless.” Well, maybe but even infinitely farther into the future an Exponential does not reach infinity, well it sort of does but that is what limitless means.

You can’t get there from here. They are not God and neither was Jesus but I think Jesus was wiser than any of them. Musk, Zuck, et al. they are just faking it until they make it. They are just the best. So far, heirs to Jobs and Gates and Elision, you know that last guy. I think he is still around.

Some of us used to think that Kelly Johnson and Burt Rutan were Gods. Chuck Yeager and Scott Crossfield had the right stuff but were not Gods, just the men we wished we were.

DO NO HARM, are you kidding me, unintended consequence make that beyond unlikely. The best we can hope for is good intentions, what is it that they say about that and the “Road to Hell” something about pavement.


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