How We Can Make Donald Trump The Best Thing That Ever Happened To America — My Five Point Plan To…
Wasim Of Nazareth

You are right but you have no sense of timing.

“Try telling the civil rights movement they were too idealistic.
Try telling the women’s rights movement they were too idealistic.
Try telling Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Uber and Airbnb that they were too idealistic.”
All of that except Jobs is a promise of a better future, a future decades away. I know that you are trying to speed us into the future. The wheels turn much slower, We the People, block chains, sustainable energy, true democracy, remote electronic voting. Are like the promise of flying cars were in the 40’s. Possible but almost a century in the future. For the rest of my life (and decades after) we will be going to a polling place or mailing in a ballot, transacting business with dollars (almost all my dollar transactions are virtual anyway, Bitcoin is just an inconvenience, I have to convert dollars to Bitcoin and then back to dollars), burning oil (I don’t think anyone even makes an electric pickup truck or airliner), the required constitutional changes for true democracy are almost insurmountable.

I understand that if we don’t put some effort in now that future will be even farther off but how about some ideas that will make real changes for the better in less than a decade? Maybe fix the tax system, reduce inner city violence, relocate pe0ple out of flood prone areas, stimulate job creation and settle the medical insurance and care mess.

Maybe you can convince the Billionaires to do what the Aristocracy is supposed to do, take care of the people. What is wrong with America First, why do Gate’s Billions flow to Africa. America First does not mean only America but it means First we fix our problems then we worry about the rest of the world. Fix your house, then your neighborhood, then your city then your county, then your state, then your country, then your continent then your hemisphere………we have plenty of big and small problems close to home. This is why I started with fix the tax system, my tax money needs to stay closer to home, it should not be going to Washington DC. Block Grants are Hooey, the money never should have left my state in the first place. More local control not more Globalization.