The solution to the global crisis of capitalism is simplicity itself

You call it a Simpler Way but it seems more quite challenging and seemingly a Harder Way. Will need people to choose what will seem like deprivation. Consumption needs to decrease and efficiency needs to increase. Wastefulness will need to be shunned if not punished.

Will we be expected to give up the freedom of celebratory excess and engage in unproductive pursuits and hobbies? Will we say that we should not dye our clothes because of the resource and environmental costs. Who and how will we defend against consumptive brigands raiding our small settlements.

Do you expect some benevolent Socialist National or World Order to provide Law and Order without the Elites treating themselves to Luxuries.

The Rich and the Children of the Rich are not going to willingly give up the Good Life of Jets and Yachts. How will you take it away from them.

Are we going to pull a Mao on them and have a Western Cultural Revolution. A new Dark Age. You going to hand Zuck a hoe and have him weeds the beans. You going to get Elon to muck out the stalls. How will you catch them before they build an Army and a compound outside your control.

Your vision does not have a path. From what I have seen when the poor deprived and disadvantaged can’t take it anymore then burn down their neighborhoods and loot their neighbors, well except for Rwanda. The Hippy Commune thing did not catch on.

The best you can hope is that the Third World stagnates and does not demand more resources. It is harder to take from people the things they have come to expect than it is to deny them things they only have dreamed about.

Whoever is going to lead this change will need to be very rich and needs to spend every penny of his riches in support of the cause and live like a beggar. You have to lead by example.

You and I mean you, Ted, will need to walk your talk. Take concrete actions toward you vision. Maybe you are familiar with the Amish, how close is that to your vision?


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