How to Fight the War on Science and Win
Jonathan Foley

You closed with, “America has a choice to make. A choice between advancing civilization or bringing it down.
Now we must choose which side we are on” The choice is not so stark. I choose to be on the side of truth and clarity but not necessarily the side of unmitigated “progress” or “advanced civilization” I am not on the side of science, science is not a side it is a broad category of endeavor. I do support prudent science. I am an engineer who sometimes has done research, almost science. It would be harder to silence science if less of it was dependent on the Federal Government for its funding.

Yes, the climate deniers and creationists are out there and some with a vested interest pander to them. We need to keep the facts in the public eye but it is useless to try and convert the devout or those dedicated to their pocket book. Do not try and sell me science and technology as a panacea! I will not buy it. Unmitigated progress will be an unmitigated failure.

Science has brought us over population and pollution, science’s success is actually a failure.

100 years too late science is explaining that we have disruped the carbon cycle with man made carbon emissions, well maybe only 50 years too late, 50 years ago, maybe we could have done something about Climate Change now science needs to work out how we are going to mitigate the changing weather patterns and inevitable sea level rise.

Its like enriching uranium and building nuclear power plants without a consensus on what to do with the waste. Sometimes scientific discoveries are accidental like when experiments have unexpected results. I wonder what the unexpected outcomes might be with trying to create the God Particle. It is the height of hubris to think we really know what we are messing with.

I hope we are not on the cusp of a self aware AI because we are not ready to deal with that. Yeah, you say, that is way off. Are you sure that the people closest to that are sharing their research.

I am not really afraid, I will be long gone when the shit hits the fan but you know, I know that some sort of revolution is inevitable but it is farther off than the Chicken Littles think.


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