Twelve Thoughts On Feminism And Its Place In Today’s Political Environment
Caitlin Johnstone

You made so many points I don’t know where to begin.

Have you much insight into the LDS culture? You might find it revealing.

Women have power there but in a unique way. The women’s circle. They have like their own underground culture. Yes, Men dominate but the men are ranked by how well they provide for their wife and family. A man who mistreats his wife or kids is taken to task for his failing(the women’s circle communicates up to the men) but by the same token a woman who disobeys her husband is similarly taken to task for her disobedience. The authority and responsibility lies with the husband. Sadly they really don’t know how to deal with single women except to get them a husband. Women’s work is valued but they have little authority except regarding the children.

Then you have the Fundamentalist LDS where polygamy is allowed and the leaders are pedophiles and rapists and the women while they are taken care of have no sovernity, Giving men power must be tempered in some way. The regular LDS seem to manage but the FLDS men are unchecked.

I related this as just an aside. There could be more than one way to be a happy woman. It sort of depends on what a woman wants.


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