Christian Friis Bach: “The world needs to respond to the assumptions of why people are displaced”
International Policy Digest

You said “We need to fight the reasons why people are displaced,” yes we do but some of them are systemic and growing. We will not even reduce the pressures that are driving people to relocate. Climate change will increase these pressures. We are not in a crisis we are in a long struggle that will not end. I think that is why you see so much push back. If we are soft and accept more migrants it will just lead to more migrants.

I agree “the countries in the world haven’t prioritized enough resources” but America does not even prioritize enough resources for its own poor, how will our poor accept our spending money to help the foreign poor while we neglect our own. The rich see no value in doing any more than the minimum that will prevent chaos.

“The moral and legal responsibility to protect those in need of international protection,” is without teeth. Few accept the moral responsibility and the legal responsibility is unenforceable. This argument will get you very little support back to those who control the purse strings are misers.

Few people really care that “one of the basic principles in human rights and refugee law is the right to apply for asylum.”

Yes, “we should stop the crisis language and look for long-term durable solutions.” Solutions is too strong a word. There is no solution but a long-term plan of action with reasonable expectation that acknowledges the fact that funding will be limited and will be politically targeted not targeted for the most beneficial affects.

We have to face the fact that for the most part people are no longer an asset or resource they are a burden and in the face of increasing automation more people will become in excess of need. Already around the world hundreds of millions of people are essentially wards of the state and some of them continue to have more children who will grow up in refugee camps to become third and fourth generation wards of the state.


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