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You say “only around 5% of state offenders in prison are there for low-level drug offenses, compared to 53% for violent crime” and then you call for leniency? This seems counter intuitive. I can see no point in leniency for violent offenders. Already our law requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt so if you are going to call for leniency maybe you mean shorter prison stays, you can’t mean we should not lock up violent criminals.

You missed one reason for locking criminals up, so they can’t prey on the general public. Not rehabilitation, not punishment, just keep evil people away from the good people so they can’t hurt innocent people.

You use the phrase “mass incarceration” many times. It is just an alarmist phrase. These people were not arrested or tried in “mass” they were mostly tried as individuals or maybe few coconspirators. The adjective is inappropriate.

Most honest Mexicans wish for a criminal justice system that is as effective as ours. You mention that our incarceration rates are high for our crime rate. Think about that, it means that criminals are acting with impunity in other countries.

If blacks are disproportionately incarcerated then maybe we need more cops to track down the white criminals. The idea is not to let more criminals walk the streets the idea is to lock the criminals up so they can’t prey on honest citizens.

Regarding illegal immigration, every illegal immigrant starts out in this country on the wrong foot showing a contempt for the law. The laws need to be followed because they are the law not because you fear being caught and punished. If you have no respect for the laws you don’t belong here and if you are here you belong behind bars because you can’t be trusted.

Your premise that immigration is good is based on the idea that economic and population growth is good. Growth is killing the planet. This country does not need more people, we have too many already. We need a stable and sustainable population, hopefully one with ever increasing average education and skills. We aren’t even adequately educating the population we have why would we encourage a population increase that needs to be taught remedial skills. Why are we to encourage a population increase that will compete with our most disadvantaged demographics for housing, education, health care and jobs.