We Can Find the Cash to Pay for a Basic Income for All. But Can We Find the Love?
Saket Soni

You say there is no deficit of cash, please explain. The U.S. already runs a deficit, a practice which I have long said needs to end and I support balancing the budget to the point that I think is should be a law like it is in many states. I say there is a deficit of cash. No UBI plan can be adequately debated without details like who gets how much and from where does the money come.

UBI would be pointless if it is not at least half of the poverty level but should it be more in one location than in another?

Greater UBI for families with children but needs to be limited to two kids, after that no added UBI for added kids after the first two (actually one per adult in the household.)

UBI only for Citizens over the age of 18. (citizens as defined in current law)

I would not support UBI without a balanced budget amendment and comprehensive tax reform. It must be paid for and the budget must be balanced to prevent it from creating larger deficits.

There is so much talk about how we need it or are going to have to go that way would so little talk of substance about what it is and how to pay for it.

By the way those who suggest we use a carbon tax, who do you think is going to be most greatly burdened with a carbon tax, the poor and middle class that is who but then there are those who say we can just rebate the carbon tax to the poor and middle class but if you do that you will not net much money from a carbon tax. Isn’t a carbon tax intended to reduce carbon emissions so if it is successful eventually the carbon tax will produce almost no revenue but the UBI will still be around but now without a source of funding.