If the Great Depression Happened Tomorrow, How Fucked Would You Be?
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

You seem to be betting we can still fix or salvage something of this nation. Shouldn’t we be preparing for the next great depression instead.

How will you survive. My family is a lesson on Depression survival. My Dad’s family hardly noticed the Depression, they live in North Central Maine and mostly lived off the land. Family farms but my Grandfather was also a Teamster (the real kind with a Team of Horses). You ever read any of the Foxfire Books,

My Dad and Uncles could have written them if they were writers but they were doers instead.

My Mom’s family is the other side of the coin and they lived in a suburb outside of Boston and the Depression Killed my Maternal Grandfather. The family then moved to where my Dad’s family lived.

WWII broke the Depression and my Dad enlisted and my Mom’s family moved back to Boston, her brothers enlisted and she and her sisters worked in the War Factories.

I know that we all can’t work and live in the Woods but some of you will just die and kill each other in the cities.

With your thousands of followers your words might be more than a whisper but it is well short of a shout. The Elite Supported Media will drown you out. Me, I have not given up, trying to get my kids to wake up but I doubt I will live long enough to see how it turns out, I am already 59, these kind of changes take decades to resolve and the change is barely started. Most people are not even conscious of the coming change.

I wonder how long I can live without the miracles of modern medicine. I am healthy now but I am sure I have been exposed to some carcinogens.


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