As a former journalist (more than 20 years at daily newspapers in California)there is a truism…
Michele Drier

Your last sentence has merit, I like it. Your characterization of the New York Times and Washington post as unbiased seems a bit too generous, I could get on board with less biased. Remember the bias is not just in the content of the stories but also in the selection of what stories to cover or publish.

Regarding “there is a truism…people don’t read anymore.” I think this is a distortion and an oversimplification. People read, a lot of people read, books, magazines, newspapers, on the web, in schools, out loud to their children. If what you really meant was people read less in-depth news reporting than they used too, I think you might be right but can you support that with evidence? If it is true it is probably a trend that started a century ago. Written news reporting first had to compete with Radio, then Television and now with the internet multimedia presentations.

Personally I dislike talking head reporting and prefer written reports with graphics and video only when it is needed to convey the story and dislike it when it is deliberately used to appeal to the consumers emotions.

The fact that we are here having this discussion means that some people still read and some of them read a lot.


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