The Lady and the Dragon

Compiled from Luke 2 and Revelation 12

It was a dusty town, known for it’s reputation of shiftiness and dirty deeds done cheap. Nobody stopped by on purpose and certainly no one vacationed in this out of the way place. The young girl crossed the path and headed out toward the town well, carrying the heavy earthen pot on her fragile-looking but able shoulder. She was alone now, a relief from the constant questions she was bombarded with from her female relatives these days. “When was he going to ask her?”What would she say”? “Did she mind that he was so shy”?. She relished the only sounds she heard now was that of the rustling breeze in desert scrub trees and the distant yipping of the town mongrels. Suddenly the air around her changed, crackled and made the hair on her arms stand up. She whirled around to see that she was not alone at the well.

Deep within the shadowy blackness of space, between the Bayer stars of Virgo, the dragon stirred. The presence around him had changed, crackled, if that were possible in this dimension. Fire smoldered at the back of his throat, and an ancient feeling of hatred crept into his mind.

The face of the being before her, both thrilled and frightened the girl. A scream caught in her throat and she dropped the water jug which shattered on the hard ground around the well. “I know you are afraid”, the being spoke, “you do not have to be”. The being’s voice was like music in her ears and though she still trembled the young girl was no longer afraid. “You are most well thought of in the heavenlies”, the being continued, “I am honored to meet you”. “You have been chosen as a vessel, to bring forth the one who would transform this world”. The girl gasped in awe as her broken water jug repaired itself before her eyes and was filled with clear water. “Like this vessel, the Spirit of the Most High will envelop you, and you will carry a child, conceived not from the will of your husband, but by the will of the Spirit of Elohim”, the being sang, or seemed to.”But”, she stammered, “I am betrothed, but i am a virgin”…….her voice trailed off as a peace overwhelmed her. “Let it be so to me”, she whispered, “I am a vessel of Elohim”.

With speed not comprehended by the human mind, the dragon shot down from the stars toward the tiny green planet below. Something had changed, the light he had sensed had increased. Discovery was his mission now, after all this time, he must find out if the ancient prophecy was unfolding. His malice toward these disgusting, dim creatures residing on this fragile planet grew as he entered its atmosphere. Black clouds billowed up and his eyes beheld the sight below him. In the Spirit realm, there could be no mistake. Myriads of beings streaming with light encircled the female creature that stepped lightly across the dessert ground toward a cluster of buildings below. But it was what he saw inside her body that caused a tremble of fear, an emotion almost unknown to him, to rise in his twisted mind. A spark, so bright that it outshone the thousands upon thousands of light beings surrounding this girl, rested within her womb. No!, He shrieked, I will not be crushed!

Laying back onto the feed sacks the young girls swollen belly heaved as another strong contraction washed over her. Sweat had matted her dark hair to her face that twisted in the agony of childbirth. Her strong fiance held her in his arms as she cried out in pain. “This was no place to have a child” he thought, looking around him at the lower floor he and is beloved had been given by his Uncle. He knew full well that the cows and sheep would be returning for their morning feeding in a few short hours. The young girl’s eyes widened as if she were seeing beyond this world and into the next. Terror flashed across her face and she screamed.

It’s long body drifted down toward the village below him….”the house of bread” he spat. “I will be dining tonight within your dark streets”. The dragon entered the spirit realm surrounding the town and was surrounded by light beings, fierce and armed. The dragon spewed fire at the light beings, cleaving a path up the street he so desperately wanted to find. Slowly but surely he slithered toward the house where a dim lantern flame silhouetted two humans on the lower floor. Though operating in the spirit realm, he knew he could make his presence felt in this created world. Sensing victory, the dragon drew himself up to full height and forced his presence into the physical world revealing himself to the girl. He so relished their screams……….

The young girl’s fingers dug into the flesh of her fiance’s arm. She was in pain from the constant contractions of her womb, and acutely aware of the dread danger that lurked nearby. “Yoseph”, she panted, “There is something out there”.

“I know,” he replied, “but Elohim will protect us, this child is his will”.

The girl cried out again as blood and water spread on the blanket beneath her. The child was coming soon. Her Yoseph, positioned himself behind to support her as she squatted on the rough boards of the floor. His eyes darted between the miracle occurring before him and the dark shadow drifting just out of the lamplight outside the house. His Myrium gave a mighty and high pitched wail as if she were being torn into and the child’s head appeared between her legs. “catch him Yoseph” Myrium breathed, “catch our son”.

The smell of the birthing blood reached through the spirit veil to the nostrils of the dragon. His swollen, cleft tongue rolled grotesquely over his lips. “soon this child of Elohim will be mine!” he cackled. He pushed ever closer to the house pushing against the barrier veil between the spirit and physical world. The veil stretched in much the same way that the birth sack of this god-child had in the safety of his earth-mother’s womb. The dragons mind reeled in the victory of it all. “Finally he thought, I will strike at the very heart of the most high God” The girl’s panting and screams fueled the dragon’s lust for blood and he knew that this wiry man she loved was no match for him.

Suddenly, as quickly as a thought is birthed, the child slipped from his mother’s body and war began. Imperceptible to those around the town, light beings appeared in numbers beyond imagination. The spirit of the tiny baby rose toward the heavens and the music that burst forth from the skies above the hills, echoed against the roar of the dragon. Before the dragon could strike, the greatest of the light-being warriors flashed in front of him from nowhere and struck at him, barely missing with his huge, razor sharp sword. The dragon reeled backward and blew fire toward this warrior but he knew his opportunity was gone. The child was safe in the mighty arms of the Most High. The mewing cry of the baby were kissed away by his mother’s lips while Yoseph sobbed, his spirit alive and sharpened to the unseen war that was occurring around him. He knew this girl before him was like no other and that this baby, with his dark curly hair, was emulating a life force that both terrified him and gave him peace. Myrium wrapped cloths tightly around her tiny son, focused on his face, a face, she could not take her eyes off. “Yeshua” she uttered, you are born to us this night.

The Dragon screamed in fury as he rose in the night sky. Below him in hot pursuit, the armies of heaven flew past stars and planets to defend this child of the most high, this savior of man, king of kings and lord of lords, the desire of nations, the prince of peace. Below on the tiny green planet, The Lady was safe, and the Dragon was on the run. Yeshua opened his eyes and all the universe would never be the same.

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