Does Trump Deserve To Be “Given A Chance”?
Michael Tracey

I replied via twitter, but I think this article deserves a bit more than the character limit that platform provides, so here I go.

Personally, I don’t believe the question itself has merit. Given how far to the right and left each party is swinging, with democrats going full white-hating identity politics, and with republicans getting slowly taken over by whites who aren’t afraid to stand up for their own racial group, ‘giving x or y a chance’ was no longer on the table. For either side.

There will be outliers in both groups for various reasons (ideological zealots specifically will be prone to this on their wedge issues), but largely you can expect levels of government obstinacy by either party to get worse, not better. Especially as the average white “conservative” slowly but surely realizes that non-whites will never, ever care about individualism and their precious constitution like they do. At least not in any numbers relevant to maintaining electoral relevance with a shrinking white majority. At this crucial tipping point, things will get several orders of magnitude nastier than they are now.

We’re seeing identity politics predictably (for any ethnic nationalist who’s bothered to crack open a history book, at least) spiral out of control. It will end in blood, but until then you can continue to expect American ‘norms’ (like the electoral college merely ratifying the state votes) to fly out the window as every irrelevant fight is magnified as one group pits itself against another in exchange for dwindling resources.

Things like President’s having a grace period and having easy cabinet confirmations or Supreme Court nominees approved are just icing on a rather putrid cake that has long since past its expiration date.

The excuses you mention, such as Trump being ‘different’ or not winning the popular vote are merely that, excuses. Not worth whatever paper or digital medium they’re written on. The people saying these things would be saying them in exactly the same fashion if Ted Cruz (lets be honest, Bush was never a real contender, and neither was Kasich) had won.

I don’t even think what Trump’s doing will matter. At the end of the day, he’s a civic nationalist, just like his chief advisor Bannon (Sessions and Miller -may- be different). He can’t correctly diagnose the disease that’s eating away at America’s core, and so at the end of the day the best he can do is put her on life support and keep her going a little bit longer, stagnant and unchanging but at least still alive in some form or fashion. Reversing the damage is beyond him or Bannon. I say this as someone who voted for Trump, and who would do so again.

However, being on the ‘winning team’ against people I consider nation destroyers and traitors at best, does, I feel, at least entitle me to a little schadenfreude regardless of how I feel about my own “team.” With that in mind, I’d just like to quote Obama for any leftists who may be reading this admittedly lengthy commentary.

“Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” — President Obama to House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, January 23, 2009.

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