Starting Somewhere: An example of business intent.

Tim Leisio
May 18, 2017 · 1 min read

Previously, I framed an activity/exercise and a guiding worksheet that can help create a successful information architecture in a product.

Here I show you an anonymized, redacted, and in-progress example of how the business intent worksheet looks like when not started before information architecture and product design begins.

This initial information is painstakingly gathered from small conversations, emails, and second-hand information. The idea is to start visualizing the value of this activity/exercise to others with a real example that pertains to the work they are doing right now. It’s not an ideal situation to go about gathering this information, but it’s what some of us have to do in order to help break our product teams out of the feature factory (previously known to me as feature world).


An anonymized, redacted, and in-progress example of a business intent worksheet.

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