Getting Over Uber
Susan Crawford

All the shortcomings of the taxi industry illustrated by the author are what spawned Uber in the first place and what makes it such a popular service. If the taxi industry wasn’t so messed up there would be no need for a service like Uber. In my city (Hamilton, Ontario) the taxi companies immediately lobbied the municipal government for the right to lower their prices and at the same time warned that the arrival of Uber was detrimental to consumers. Can you imagine making that type of argument? We want to lower our prices because of Uber but be warned that Uber is bad for consumers. I don’t know what it is about Uber that gets people so worked up that they ignore all principles of logic and common sense. I understand that some people feel threatened but most of the anti-Uber arguments I’ve read or heard are absolutely absurd. I don’t know everything there is to know about Uber and I have no idea what the future holds for the service but regardless of how things go at minimum I think we should be thanking the people behind Uber for showing us how much better the personal transportation business can be and for giving a stark wake up call to the taxi companies and municipal governments that are stuck in a bygone era.

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