A Funny Thing Happened When I Was Typing My Suicide Note…
Sam Grittner

I’m glad you wrote this. I have my own depression story that I intend to put up, once I organize my thoughts. It’s a little different from yours, though: I got to the other side. (Though, only in the last three months, so I’m giving myself some time to guage the stability of my wellbeing.)

Sure sometimes I’m irritable, sometimes emotions get to me, but I have actually gotten to the side where instead of asking “Will I ever be okay?” I consistently say, “Wow… I’m here.” It took a lot of experimentation between mindsets, supplements / health deficiencies, and spirituality.

And honestly, the last one is what kept me going. The first thing I did, the first time I felt unbearable pain, was to declare that I would live for 100 years, because I only had this lifetime and it was worth living even with periods of pain. I had done 20, I could do 100 and see what came around.

The next aspect is, I always ‘saw’ WHOM I wanted to be, on that other side. Every time I was stuck in anger or depressed, I was still aware of that Other Side Person — I didn’t let it get to me that I wasn’t yet him; instead, the next time I felt better, I strove even more strongly to learn what I could and be that person more strongly.

Spirituality doesn’t have to be far-fetched. I think it can be as simple as that, as knowing there is a best version of yourself, and having the willpower to spend 100 years getting as close as you can.

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