Some things I found that are interesting (to me)

A random list of links found whilst wandering the web.

Open Source Stuff

A lovely looking open source CMS thats just hit version 1.0. Uses Vue.js , symphony and more tools you know and love under the hood.

Web Stuff

some great facts from the FT on why (web) performance matters.

A good no nonsense rundown of security good practice.

local .dev domains (even for ios)

Immersive stuff

Ive been thinking a lot about 360 degree immersive experiences recently. (I know “the next big thing”) these are some of the interesting bits Ive gathered

a javascript 360 degree video player


Are both open source tools that achieve similar things to photosynth, and Autodesk 123D catch.

Namely photogrammetry or structure from motion.

Google have also released the cardboard player for the web VR View , which is a nice way to show things off

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