The fact that nobody ever wants to “reinvent the wheel” is WHY don’t all have hovercrafts.

On an episode of That 70's Show, Red Forman remarked - in the middle of a typical tirade - how back in the 194o’s people “in the future” had been promised hover crafts.

“Another damn lie,” he concluded.

One usually comes up on the short end of the stick when arguing with Mr. Forman, but I think his conclusion is a bit misguided. I think our lack of personal hover vehicles isn’t so much attributable to a government lie so much as it is lack of… dare I use the over used term… innovation.

AHHHHHH. I said it. I HATE when people overuse the word “innovation” as a catch-all term for something cool, but in this case it’s appropriate.

In several meetings lately folks have remarked at how there is “no need to re-invent the wheel.” This is such a truism that it is generally met with the enthusiastic nodding of heads in the affirmative.

But wait, I say. Why NOT re-invent the wheel? If we had always thought this way, wouldn’t we still be all-Flinstone riding down the road? What’s wrong with taking something that is - or seems to be - performing perfectly well and looking at ways to make it work better?

Or better yet, maybe ditching the “wheel” altogether and coming up with something totally new. Think about where the world would be if everyone would be satisfied with the wheels we got.

So my challenge to people here would be the next time a situation arises that calls for the tried-and-true method to be applied - make yourself the fly in the ointment. Reinvent that sucker.

Hover crafts for all. #ReThinkTheWheel.